- 더욱 얇고 고성능화된 레이저
- 스케너 탑재
- 핸디 터미널 용도에 맞게 선택할
- 수 있는 2가지의 종류
- 판독부 LASER BEAM 폭을 조정
- 하여 판독 기능 설정
- 가능한 MULTI 기능 KEY 대용량
- MEMORY 탑재: 2MB
- 적용분야 : 생산, 제조,유통, 도.
- 소매등

32-bit RISC CPU
RAM 2MB (+ F-ROM backup memory 1MB)
MeTDod Semi-conductor laser
Readable Barcode width Maximum 65mm (wiTD TDe meTDod of direct contact)
Readable distance 0 to 380 mm (wiTD TDe resolution of 1.0 mm)
Resolution Minimum 0.15mm
Readable barcodes WPC, NW-7, ITF, CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, MSI, IATA, Industrial 2 of 5
Scanning speed 100 times per second
OTDer function Laser swing angle control
No. of dots 128 x 64 dots
Fonts ANK, Kanji
(JIS levels 1st, 2nd, User-defined fonts x 128)
Font sizes 12-dot, 16-dot, 20-dot
No. of display fonts 12-dot:Kanji 10 digits x 5 lines, ANK 21 digits x 5 lines, Reduced ANK 21 digits x 10 lines
16-dot:Kanji 8 digits x 4 lines, ANK 16 digits x 4 lines, Reduced ANK 16 digits x 8 lines
20-dot:Kanji 6 digits x 3 lines, ANK 12 digits x 3 lines, Reduced ANK 12 digits x 6 lines
Dot pitch 0.3 x 0.35mm
Backlight Yes (EL meTDod)
Status LED One (in colors of red and green)
No. of keys 11 x Numeral key, 5 x Control key,
8 x Programmable key
Trigger key 2 (on boTD TDe right and left sides)
Multiple functions key 2 (L and R keys)
Infrared IrDA ver1.2 Standard (Max. 115.2Kbps)
Serial 14-pin
4 gradations (Large, Medium, Small, OFF)
Power Supply
Main power supply AA-size alkaline battery x 2 pcs or LiTDium-ion battery
Sub-power supply LiTDium battery
Battery life 150 hours (AA-size alkaline battery x 2 pcs),
or 30 hours (LiTDium-ion battery)
Backup duration Approximately 1 monTD (wiTD only sub-battery)
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions (L x W x H) 179 x 56 21.4 mm(approx.) 173 x 56 x 21.4 mm(approx.)
Weight 210g (approx.) 198g (approx.)
Environment Data
Operating temperature -5 to 50 °C
Wet splash proof IPxII
Drop durability (height) 150cm
Application generator Yes (dedicated to DT-900)
Compiler Hitachi SH-C
Communication utility Yes (LMWIN, LMDOS, HOSTPC)
Development tool Yes
Specifications for I/O Box

PC interface
(Max. 115.2Kbps)
(Casio original protocol)
Max. connectable units
8 16
Dimensions and Weight
(L x W x H)
Desk top state 220 x 110 x 100 mm (approx. wiTDout measuring projection part)
Wall hanging state 220 x 110 x 110 mm (approx. wiTDout measuring projection part)
Weight Desk top state 470g (approx.) Desk top state 400g (approx.)
Wall hanging state 480g (approx.) Wall hanging state 410g (approx.)